If you have newly hit the gym or have some weightlifters around you, the first thing you would observe in them is being good at deadlifting more than squatting. Although it’s bizarre, considering babies squat perfectly. However, they unlearn this behavior in favor of bending over as they grow.

Now, as adults, the reason why people question, “Why is my squat form so bad?” in contrast with deadlift is mainly because they tend to do the latter more frequently. Thus, naturally, it’s going to be better than the former exercise. 

In case your squat is also weaker than your deadlift, this blog is a must-read for you. In this blog, you will surely get the answer to your question.

What Is Squat

The squat is a kind of basic movement pattern that needs multiple joint and muscle integration. Known as one of the dynamic strength training exercises, squats require various muscles in your lower and upper body to work together, empowering your muscles for performing daily tasks such as walking, bending, climbing stairs, or carrying heavy loads. Besides, squats help athletes and non-athletes play sports effectively.

Benefits Of Squats

If performed correctly, this functional exercise can uplift your calorie burn, avert physical injuries, strengthen your core, as well as enhance your posture and balance. Other than this:

What Is Deadlift

If you have ever spent time around a gym, you have likely seen people of all skill levels performing a deadlift. The deadlift exercise is a relatively simple exercise to perform; a weight is lifted from a resting position on the floor to an upright position. The deadlift exercise utilizes multiple muscle groups to perform but has been used to strengthen the hips, thighs, and back musculature.

If you have ever gone to the gym, you would see people of all skill levels performing a deadlift. Known as one of the simplest forms of exercise, deadlift involves weight lifting from a resting position on the floor to an upright position. Utilizing different muscle groups to perform, a deadlift significantly helps strengthen hip, thigh, and back muscles.

Benefits Of Deadlift

Although there are various exercises to train your core, deadlifts are known to be one of the most effective ways to activate and strengthen your muscles. Saying that there are many benefits of deadlifting, including:

Squat Vs. Deadlift

Although it is widely assumed that the deadlift mechanics of the squat are not valid, in fact, there are many evident differences, such as the force production in the deadlift is not supported by a stretch-shortening cycle as in the squat.

It means the deadlifts begin with a concentric contraction and finishes with an eccentric contraction.

Another key difference is how the load is applied to the body. While the squat is loaded vertically, the deadlift is loaded horizontally on the body.

Why Is My Squat So Weak?

In case you are wondering, “Why is my squat form so bad,” you must know the underlying causes and work on their improvement rather than keeping yourself hooked with a thought. Following are a few reasons why your squat could be weaker than your deadlift.

You Have Better Deadlifting Muscles

If you think you can manage deadlifting way better than squatting, it could be because your quadriceps are in better shape, needed for good deadlifting compared to your hamstrings, which is vital for performing squats.

So the root cause could be that you are either over-focusing on one exercise, i.e., deadlift, then another, i.e., squat, which impedes your ability to do the latter.

As a solution, you must start balancing things out to give your squat and deadlift equal emphasis.

Perhaps another reason could be your body being receptive toward quad exercises, including deadlifting, enabling you to be better in them at a comparatively faster rate than your lower back or hamstrings.

If this is the case, start implementing different exercises that specifically target the weak chains of your body, including squat-related muscles, to address the issue.

You Are Unable To Achieve Enough Depth

A proper full squat rep involves going well below your knee area.

If this is not the case and you are way above the hip plane while doing squats, you are performing a half rep, which is why your squat-to-deadlift ratio is lesser.

Try to squat more profoundly, and your squat ability will significantly improve without compromising your squat numbers.

You Have Issues With Ankle Flexibility

Maintaining a good squatting position requires your knee to travel forward and your ankles to flex properly to prevent your knee from travelling too far forward.

You can only maintain a good squatting position if your knee can travel forward and ankles can flex properly, preventing your knee from going further than required.

However, if you have flexibility issues in your ankles, your knees will either lean forward excessively or collapse at the bottom, both averting you from doing your squats right.

Seek a permanent solution by visiting a doctor and working on your ankle flexibility first if such is the case.

You Have An Anthropometry Related Problem

Now, as we’re talking about exercising, here comes a little physics− the difficulty in lifting a weight is equal to the distance of the fulcrum or pivot from the load. Thus, the nearer it is, the easier it is to lift and vice versa.

Science tells us that those with shorter arms find sumo deadlifts compared to those with longer arms who prefer conventional or no deadlifting.

The same is the situation when comparing squatting with deadlifting. Those with shorter legs and longer torsos are better at squats than deadlifts. Reason? They can’t use hip extensor muscles and the regular lifter due to a more open-up hip angle.

Thus, to summarize, it can be said that your biomechanics determine why you are good at deadlifting or squatting.

You’re Using Weight Heavier Than Your Capability

This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make with the squat.

One of the biggest mistakes people usually make is picking heavier weights to squat more than they can endure. It’s imperative to remember that increasing weight too quickly can harm you rather than improve your potential.

Following a smooth linear progression is the ideal key. Don’t let the idea of lifting weight more than your ability fixate you.

Your Body Is Not Recovering Quickly Enough

Another massive problem that people go through is fluctuating weight frequently. Rapidly increasing or decreasing weights while squatting might create a rushing impact on your body without giving you sufficient time to recover.

Besides, your inability to get proper sleep and nutrients is another problem that might hinder your progress in squats. Proper diet and nutrient intake are essential to build more muscle for better performance.

You’re Working Out With Poor Squat Techniques

If you’re still wondering why your squat is so weak, reassess your squatting techniques. Often, the issue is related to improper techniques, such as incorrect depth, alignment, or grip strength, causing inefficient force transfer. Muscle imbalance, where one muscle group overpowers the other, also leads to a feeling of weakness.

Thus, knowing you’re squatting ‘just the right way’ is ideal so that the exercise becomes pain-free and more stimulating.

Choosing The Right Accessories

Besides, choosing the right accessories, for instance, belts, knee sleeves, or shoes, and the overall programming, like frequency, volume, and accessory exercises, play a major role.

Comprehending and addressing these complex aspects can change a weak squat into a rigorous and confident lift. 

Not Squatting Enough or With the Proper Routine

Squat is serious training and not something casual you can do once a week or as you like.

However, many individuals fail to realize that to squat right, you must maintain an unwavering and steadfast training routine.

Even to increase the weight gradually, it is not possible until you stick to a fixed schedule.

Past Experience

Last but not least, one reason for not being able to squat properly could also be that you have been doing your squats a lot before you even decided to start the gym.

For example, if you have some background in surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, or something like that where you unknowingly take on a squat-ish form, then your favourite activity pursuit is where the problem starts.

In our daily lives, we experience more anterior loading, which, as a result, biases our quads.

Hence, if you could not learn squatting by activating your posterior chain, this can be one reason why your squat-to-deadlift ratio is not equal, if not more.

The Key Takeaway

To summarize, we can say that while squatting and deadlifting are both healthy exercises with their pros and cons, if you feel that your ability to squat is weaker than the deadlift, seek reasons for that.

Perhaps you are least emphasizing squatting muscles, are unable to achieve ideal depth, have issues with ankle flexibility, a seemingly anthropometry-related problem, or are using weights heavier than your capability.

Other reasons could be your body not recovering quickly, using poor squatting techniques, choosing the right accessories, or not squatting with a proper routine.

Check which reason hinders your growth in squatting and working on it appropriately.

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