If you want to improve your fitness, you may wonder whether hiring a personal trainer is right.

If you’re just getting started with exercising or have been pushing yourself to the limits in the gym. Collaborating with a personal trainer can do wonders for you. Your trainer will help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Read on why you need a personal trainer and what the benefits of a personal trainer are in this blog.

Key Takeaways

In this blog, you will learn that:

Why Do You Need Personal Trainers?

Most personal trainers can help you accomplish your fitness goals. They will create a personalised workout plan, ensure proper form, and keep you accountable.

A certified personal trainer is an individual who is trained to develop exercise programs that can help clients achieve their fitness and health goals.

Your personal trainer will help you work out and make a lifestyle change to reach your fitness goal.

They can also help you set realistic goals, avoid injuries, and stay motivated.

Top 9 Benefits 0f Personal Trainers

Below, you will read about the benefits of personal trainers. Check them:

1. Increases Accountability

One of the most challenging parts of maintaining a workout routine is consistently doing the workouts.

Of course, we know that if someone you know isn’t expecting you to meet at the gym, then it’s more likely that you will skip the gym and spend the rest of your day in bed or lounging on the couch.

Working with a professional personal coach will encourage you to get your workout in, whether you do it personally or virtually, during your appointments and hopefully several other times during the week.

You may also find you work harder with a trainer by your side than you would if you went at it alone.

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you want to go far, go together?” Research has shown that the more support someone has for their health and fitness goals, the more likely they are to succeed.

One study of 11 years showed how well individuals were sticking to their weight loss plan.

It found that the more accountability people have, the more likely they are to follow the weight loss plan.

2. Knowing More About Your Body, Health, Fitness

A personal physical coach isn’t just there to make you sweat; you will likely learn something informative during your time together.

Individuals who want to become certified personal trainers through an accredited organisation must have a high school degree, a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification, and an automated external defibrillator (AED) training.

To stay with the current experiences, these personal trainers must undergo an initial certification exam and earn continuing education hours every year.

Personal trainers are highly knowledgeable about human physiology, body mechanics, behaviour change, exercise science, and more. They can teach you proper form, demonstrate how to use specific equipment effectively, and recommend exercises tailored to your fitness goals and abilities. They’re also skilled in motivating and guiding clients to achieve their desired results through structured workout plans and personalised coaching.

On the other hand, they can teach you about greater health and fitness topics to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s take a specific exercise as an example. For instance, let’s take the squat, a movement that seems pretty basic enough but very different.

Many factors are at play, including head position, full-back position, pelvis position, knee alignment, and foot position. It depends on your fitness level, body mechanics, goals, etc.

It’s important to have a personal trainer to guide you and help you with the correct positioning and form. They’ll help you get things done.

They can help ensure you’re performing the exercise most effectively for your body. You’ll likely see better results and avoid potential injury this way.

3. Helping You With Setting Goals

Have you ever considered setting a huge health and fitness goal, like losing 20 pounds (9 kg) or training for a marathon? Well, this is where the personal trainer can assist you.

A personal coach helps you set goals based on your experiences and abilities, aiding your progress.

If you just plan to stay active or feel better, having a goal, no matter how big or small, when you’re on a fitness journey can be an essential factor in keeping you motivated and fit.

An analysis of data from a report of a weight management organisation found that people who have a weight loss target have lost more weight over 12 months than people who did not set a target.

Work one-on-one with your personal trainer to assess your short—and long-term goals and curate a plan to help you achieve them.

4. You’ll Get An Individualised Plan

A quick Google search won’t hurt you. It will let you go through many pages of workouts, and you can hit the follow button for the follow-up. However, that doesn’t mean they’re the best option for you.

A personal trainer will ensure that you get an individualised plan that will give you the best personal training results.

For example, let’s just say that after the initial consultation phase with your trainer, they noticed that your right leg is weaker than your left leg, and you had no idea.

This imbalance can cause you to compensate during many daily movements and exercises, exacerbating the imbalance.

To address the issue, your trainer adds single-leg movements to your workouts, allowing you to correct this imbalance and strengthen yourself overall.

Recent research shows the effectiveness of individualised workout plans for this reason.

Some researchers studied a group of 24-year-old males who were very well-trained junior soccer players and then divided them into two strength program training groups. One group was unconcerned about muscular imbalances, and the other had them.

The results suggested that individualised resistance training programs can benefit traditional strength-training protocols to improve muscular imbalances in these soccer players.

5. Flexible Schedule And Format

You can meet with a personal trainer at the gym weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on your preference.

Nowadays, there’s a trend in virtual personal training. You can also take those sessions. In this format, you work out at home while videoconferencing with your personal trainer, who instructs you through the exercise session on your smartphone or your personal computer.

Most of the sessions last 30–60 minutes and are tailored to your personal goals. One of the advantages of personal training is that there’s a trainer for every individual, regardless of their physical abilities, experience, where they live, or budget.

6. Promotes Exercise Variety

You may be a fitness enthusiast, always gravitating to the same equipment at the gym or doing the same workouts at home.

A personal coach can suggest exercises you may have never come across or would never have thought of doing on your own.

One study by NIH involved 21 resistance-trained men who were followed for over eight weeks. One group followed a consistent, fixed routine of exercises, while the other followed a randomly varied routine using a mobile app.

Researchers found that changing many aspects of a workout routine can make people feel more motivated. People with fixed and varied routines also had similar muscular effects.

How the story ends up? It can be good to switch things up. You’ll also challenge your body’s movement patterns and make your brain work.

Plus, maybe you’ll find something you love. And if you don’t, you’ll be happy to know you tried it.

7. Advice Related To Nutrition

A certified personal trainer is not your nutritionist or dietitian, so they’re not legally allowed to recommend meal plans or provide specific food recommendations, especially for clients with underlying medical conditions.

However, personal trainers can give you general nutritional advice that many customers may find very highly valuable as they are going on their health and fitness journey.

Your diet plays an important role whether you have an aim for weight loss, you want the gains, or both.

If you know how much protein to consume, how to add more fruits and vegetables to your daily meals, or even how much water you should drink, you can achieve the best results.

A 2015 review examines the role of physical activities and exercises. These activities help with weight loss, weight maintenance, and weight gain prevention.

The best weight loss results came from a combination of restricting calories and exercising, and exercise alone was not as effective.

So, look to your personal trainer for advice and guidelines as you also address your diet.

8. Helps Your Mental Health

Personal trainers can help you with several aspects of your mental health.

For one, there’s enough research that tells about the positive effect physical activities can have on mental health issues. Dealing and battling with anxiety and depression if you are physically active!

Exercising daily can increase blood circulation to the brain, help reduce stress, and improve mood and cognitive function overall. Consistently working with a personal trainer will help you reap these benefits.

A good personal trainer will also take an interest in your life, family, career, and struggles and can become a mentor for you.

It’s a good feeling to have personal trainers there to cheer you up and root for you in the gym and outside of it.

9. Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle Change

A personal trainer can help you in developing good habits for a lifetime.

One study found that individuals perform a whopping 43% of their daily life actions while they’re thinking about something else.

If you don’t purposely add healthy habits like taking the stairs instead of the lift, drinking water over soda, and sleeping for 8 hours, you may have a harder time seeing results.

A trainer can assist you in making these changes individually and support you through any obstacles that may come your way during this journey.

Kickstart it with a small and start adding to your wins. You will see a habit change, and a good personal coach will help you navigate this territory.

Final Thoughts

A personal trainer can provide the tools and support you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

Planning to push yourself to the limits would be a wise investment. These personal trainers know how to deal with their clients and what to suggest to them.

They can provide support, accountability, education, and a personalised plan of attack, so working with one may be well worth the investment. Don’t overthink, so get in touch with a personal trainer today!

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